Providing Cost Efficient and Transparent Recruitment and Human Resources Services for Our Clients and Candidates

We provide transparent engagement services, where we offer significant cost efficiencies for our clients, coupled with human resources services for our candidates. Focused On Recruitment has a background in Recruitment and Human Resources of over twenty years, working within the IT, Government, Construction, Legal, and Digital industries.

Focused On Recruitment provides dedicated recruitment expertise for Technical roles within the MSP and Software sectors which encompasses both specialised Technical recruitment and a scalable costing model that’s not focused on margin. We specialise in all roles within Software Development, Testing and Quality Assurance areas, as well as being fully engaged within MSP sectors, supporting Infrastructure Services based positions, including Cloud, Security, Field/Project and Service Desk based roles.

Our Services

We provide and quote the entire project (including all hours, advertising and associated costs) before we commence, so there are no hidden costs or surprises at the end.

We actively seek the most appropriate candidates in the market by advertising across all social media forums, and we don’t wait for candidates to come to us.

Where appropriate, Focused On Recruitment on behalf of the client, can conduct technical assessments to assist in the validation/recruitment process.

Focused On Recruitment conducts appropriate checks, to ensure the applicant is the right fit for the role and culture of your organisation.

Focused On Recruitment provides both bundled and unbundled Human Resources Services based on client project needs.

Our model is not represented by salary for placement, which is standard within the Recruitment industry. Our aim is to produce a successful partnership between a client and candidate.